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BigNoZePicks Demo Installation


1.1: Although a bunch of mates advise on project design and occasionally they also wade in and help test, I do the bulk of the work in my spare (?) time. This is called the IDEM! (I Do Everything Mate!) system of software development - so programming resources are very, very scarce.

Needs must when the devil drives - so a lot of stuff you may expect to see for a production system is not yet done and need never be. As at 1st March 2010 BigNoZePicks/Pickets/Bogey is only at alpha stage – and it was started over a few beers Australia Day 2008.


These installation notes refer to a typical LAMP installation - for context I have assumed the same as my development installation

Linux - Mandriva 2009.0

Apache 2.0 or newer- DocumentRoot=/var/www/html

MySQL 5.0 or newer


PHP 5.2.0 or newer

so substitute your own Operating System/Webserver paradigms.

1.2: While many programmers happily develop PHP with WAMP,XAMPP etc on Windows and MAMP on Macs - I don't. In fact I don't use Windows or Macs for anything.

Even so I gave the latest code a whirl on the latest XAMPP server


"We've released the new version of XAMPP 1.7.3, including:

* Apache 2.2.14 (IPv6 enabled) + OpenSSL 0.9.8l

* MySQL 5.1.41 + PBXT engine

* PHP 5.3.1"

and it kept giving errors. I have however run BigNoZePicks successfully on XAMPP version 1.6.0a and that's enough of that sort of stuff for me. If you are are PHP Windows developer – good luck.

1.3: BigNoZePicks uses PHP5 and the PDO PHP Data Objects to connect to either MySQL and/or SQLITE3. So if you don't have PDO for these 2 DBs included in your PHP5 installation you wont be able to run BigNoZePicks.

The database type and connection is located in ./includes/config.php and you can follow the comments in there to include your MySQL or SQLITE3 connection parameters.

In ./includes/config.php there is also provision for an ./includes/secretsql.php file for

additional/replacement parameters. That way if you update the code base your database connection parameters wont be lost.


The simplest installation (ie. accessing the SQLITE3 database ./bignozepicksdemo.sqlite3)

2.1: tar -xvf bignozepicksdemo.yyyy-mm-dd.tar

to the root directory of your Apache server

Then maybe first read through the SYSTEM GOTCHAS below.

2.2: Point Firefox to (other browsers may work - dont know - see IDEM in 1.1 above)


And the BigNoZePicks login screen should appear - login as

Member - demo2

Password - demo2

and start clicking.

The next simplest installation

2.3: Use your MySQL client to load the bignozepicksdemo database


and update your MySQL server connection parameters in ./includes/config.php

and do 2.2 above.


Here are some classic gotchas that will bust your BigNoZePicks installation. Most installation gotchas are paths and permissions – unless of course they are permissions and paths. The simplest way to solve permissions is to make all files and subdirectories writeable by Apache - eg.

chmod 777 -R /var/www/html/bignozepicksdemo

and I'd also recommend

chgrp apache -R /var/www/html/bignozepicksdemo

which is not so good for production systems – but we are only at Alpha/Demo – so there!

3.1: BigNoZePicks uses Smarty templates - so Apache needs permission to write to




3.2: BigNoZePicks use FPDF to create PDF files and Apache needs permission to writes to


3.3: ./test.png holds the batting wagonwheel graphic and needs to be writeable by Apache.

3.4: If you are using the SQLITE3 demo database you will may need to make the directory ./bignozepicksdemo Apache (ie. not just the database file ./bignozepicksdemo/bignozepicksdemo.sqlite3 itself but also the subdirectory ) . BigNoZePicks may appear to work okay - it just wont let you write back to the database? writeable by


3.5: If your PHP5 installation is using the suhosin extension (Hardened-PHP Project) you will need to expand the maximum number of $_POST variables. eg cricket.php uses well over 200 $_POST variables which is the default in Z##_sushosin.ini. Use phpinfo() to check your installation for suhosin.

Assuming you have managed to get the demo installation working - here are a few clues for the

programmers/sysadmins amongst you.


4.1: Program documentation is created using phpDocumentor and appears at


or via your Apache server at


4.2: The Help screens are also created via phpDocumentor - the source DocType files are in




and the HTML files produced by phpDocumentor in



4.3: The PHP programs appear in the main bignozepicksdemo directory (eg. ./golf.php) and if you

want to see the SQL calls and/or the SQL result sets there's two methods called

Set_show_sql() and Set_show_dumps()

at the top of each of PHP scripts. For each of the competition and tipster classes.


So if you go into ./golf.php and change



to $bout->Set_show_sql(!false)

You should see all the SQL calls made from the ./includes/competition.oop.php class .

4.4: The different Smarty templating for footy tipping comp versus cricket/golf scoring etc are driven by a global variable $BASE_SPORT.

By default if $BASE_SPORT is not set I check




for the occurrence of the string 'bogey' or 'pickets' in the URL.

See ./includes/ for this chunk of code.

So if you have extracted the demo to /var/www/html/bignozepicksdemo and want to see it run in

only cricket or golf mode - rename /var/www/html/bignozepicksdemo to something like





A better way to do this in Linux is use symbolic links eg.

cd /var/www/html

ln -s bignozepicksdemo bignozepicksdemobogey

ln -s bignozepicksdemo bignozepicksdemopickets

and then point your browser to




and the screens will be different for each of tipping/cricket/golf.

Good Luck!


– End of Document --



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