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BigNoZePicks Project

BigNoZePicks/Pickets/Bogey Project

was conceived on Australia Day 2008.

Mission Statement:

'No Australian Cricketer need be without a Wagonwheel by 2010'- BigNoZe 2008-01-26

Our History:

The BigNoZe Team has run office football tipping comps with their own software since 1997. Prior to BigNoZePicks/Pickets/Bogey they  last ran their own  PHP/MySQL  football tipping  competition in NRL 2001 and the FIFA World Cup in 2002.  The current BigNoZePicks/Pickets/Bogey system was used for  NRL2008/NRL2009EURO2008 football tipping comps. and


  The BigNoZe team determined to revisit and rewrite the old PHP4 code as PHP5 for self development and fun. Sort of like PHP5-101 with a purpose in mind. BigNoZe regularly attends the Sydney PHP Group every month and in many ways the BigNoZepicks system is a living document of that groups presentations.


As at March  2010 the BigNoZePicks/Pickets/Bogey  project is at Alpha and

Runs Sports Tipping Competitions (tested via small office comps)

Scores Cricket Matches for a Competition (in testing)

Scores Golf Games for a Competition (in testing)

    and so for our purposes complete until an Angel Investor pitches in. NOTE an Angel Investor need not mean cash - an Angel Investor may be just a cricket or golf club that would like to use and thus complete testing the software.

 SO .... an Angel Investor could be:

A cricket club (indoor?) willing to use BigNoZePickets for a comp

A golf club paying me to develop/install/tailor BigNoZeBogey

Google/Yahoo/??? providing free Cricket/Golf scoring alongside existing web services

In any event the code is published under the GPL and is completely free to download and use. So any Angel investor would share the prestige of providing free cricket/golf scoring to the world.

In Any Event - Enjoy Your Sport!


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